Friday, August 21, 2009

CIA Satellite Redirected to Spy on Buenos Aires by Janitor

In a sign that the nation's spy agency is perhaps outsourcing too much of its work, agency officials on Friday briefed top congressional intelligence members on a recent incident involving a janitor who redirected a satellite focused on drug lords in Colombia to spy on his philandering wife in Buenos Aires.

An international incident was narrowly averted after a fellow janitor alerted a CIA official that the cuckolded janitor was planning to redirect a drone -- an unmanned aircraft -- to bomb the apartment building in which the liaisons took place.

The New York Times recently reported on the agency's dependence on an outside contracting firm, Xe -- formerly known as Blackwater -- to kill al-Qaeda leaders. But not reported was the fact that Xe has also been supplying support staff -- including cleaning people and cafeteria workers -- to the CIA.

According to a staffer for the House Intelligence Committee, CIA chief Leon Panetta informed the top ranking Democras and Republicans of the Intelligence panels of the averted catastrophe on Friday morning and staff provided more details in the afternoon.

The janitor, who worked the graveyard shift, apparently learned how to reroute satellites by eavesdropping when he worked at the Blackwater office. By rerouting the satellite to Argentina he was able to confirm that his wife was not repeatedly staying overnight at a sick friend's apartment but rather visiting her lover.

The whistleblower found out about the jilted janitor's plans when he asked to trade floors. The whistleblower grew suspicious and confronted the other janitor because the former's floor has more bathrooms and is generally considered the least desirable area to clean.

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