Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chelsea Clinton to Get Married In Space

All attention has turned to Martha's Vineyard in anticipation of President Obama's vacation next week and the rumored upcoming nuptials of Chelsea Clinton. But the former first daughter will actually be taking out-of-this world measures to ensure a private wedding: she will be getting married in space, according to a high ranking NASA astronaut who asked not to be named because he did not want to compromise his future flight chances.

Clinton has been dating Goldman Sachs banker Marc Mezvinsky, the daughter of Edward Mezvinsky and Marjorie Margolies Mezvinsky, both former members of Congress. Although neither have confirmed that they are even engaged that has not quelled rumors that they will soon be tying the knot.

It had been rumored that the wedding would take place at the estate of family friends Vernon Jordan or Ted Dansen and Mary Steenburgen. But the astronaut said that Chelsea and Marc will be blasting off on August 25. NASA lists the purpose of the flight as "carry[ing] experiment and storage racks to the International Space Station."

A NASA contractor with no knowledge of the nuptials said that the cost of such a flight could easily run to half a billion dollars.

As such, the flight will not solely be used for the wedding; although the Clintons are reportedly paying $10 million each for Chelsea and Marc's fare.

"It's a lot to pay but they said it was worth it to be able to ensure Chelsea's privacy," said the astronaut. Bill and Hillary Clinton have always taken great care to shield their only daughter from the spotlight. Chelsea was just 12 years old when she moved into the White House.

"She's had to put up with a lot being their daughter. She deserves this perk. Nobody else can say they honeymooned in space," the astronaut said.

The flight is scheduled to return Sept. 6.

Spokespeople for Clinton's parents have denied that any wedding is taking place, "at Martha's Vineyard or on the moon." As usual, Clinton's representative declined to comment.

Due to the logistical impossibility of a secretary of State and a former president traveling to Florida without raising suspicion, no family members will be present at the wedding. One of the astronauts will serve as officiant and the remaining crew will be witnesses. All members of the flight have signed nondisclosure agreements under penalty of permanent exile to space.

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