Monday, March 22, 2010

Ninety-Nine Percent of Public Uglier than Facebook Doppelgangers

A new study has determined that 95 percent of the Facebook doppelgangers are more attractive than the actual people who participated in "celebrity doppelganger week." In addition, 93 percent of the doppelgangers were younger and 95 percent were slimmer.

The study was published in the Proceedings Of The Royal Society, Biological Sciences, the same journal that published the findings in 2007 showing that people prefer symmetrical faces, with an exception for Cindy Crawford's mole.

In addition, the study found that while there was a modest likeness at times among Caucasians between the individuals and their celebrity doppelgangers, easily 15 percent of the world's population apparently looks like Lucy Liu. This counts every female of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Singaporean descent.(China alone comprises 20 percent of the word's population with females accounting for half of that minus some tens of millions of individuals when factoring in female infanticide.)

The rare exception to the 99 percent who chose to upload a more flattering photo than themselves included a British academic who chose Ben Linus, the bespectacled evil character from the hit television show "Lost," as his doppelganger. "The individual identified himself as a philosophy graduate student who hasn't seen natural sunlight in seven years and speaks only in axioms," the Journal's authors write. "Other photos on his Facebook page indicate he is actually quite attractive, if pallid."

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