Sunday, January 17, 2010

CNN Rushes Slim-Fitting T-Shirts to Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI -- Concerned that its anchors were running out of slim-fitting monochromatic T-shirts, CNN ordered a special delivery of the unofficial uniform to the earthquake plagued city Saturday.

"Thank you, Banana Republic," Anderson Cooper was reported to have exclaimed, pumping his bicep, which was shrouded under a loose-fitting, long sleeved striped shirt. Cooper apparently only keeps three slim-fitting T-shirts in his emergency travel bag, and with minimal facilities for bathing and washing, had to resort to some of his cooler weather wear.

CNN has received much acclaim for its coverage of the Haiti earthquake, with the anchors even pitching in to provide security and medical care, as when Cooper rescued a boy from violent looters. Dr. Sanjay Gupta has eschewed the typical white lab coat and scrubs for grey and black T-shirts as he performs half of the medical procedures on the island.

The network's barrage of coverage is allowing viewers back in the United States and around the world a close-up view of the massive destruction in Haiti's capital as well as the anchors' rippling abs and cut biceps.

In addition to the much-needed refresher of 100 percent cotton T-shirts, the CNN plane brought other goods to be distributed among Haiti's needy, including 100 pairs of Larry King's old suspenders.

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