Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Gov. Sanford Sends Biscuits to Rep. Wilson

Embattled South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford sent a care package of bone-shaped biscuits to fellow South Carolina GOPer and Congressman Joe Wilson Wednesday night. "Welcome to the dog house. I'm so happy for the company! Love, Mark," said the note, according to an employee at Three Dog Bakery in Charleston who assembled the care package.

Sanford received his latest show of no confidence earlier in the day when 61 of 72 state House Republicans signed a letter calling on him to resign. Ever since it was revealed that his "hiking the Appalachian trail" was actually rendezvousing with an Argentine mistress his poll numbers have plummeted, and subsequent squirm-inducing interviews have not helped his case.

But all was forgotten Wednesday night as Wilson, with two words -- "You lie!" -- directed at President Obama during a live speech before Congress managed to take, at least for now, the mantle of most embarrassing Palmetto State politician.

Sanford had been watching the speech with a couple of interns. According to a friend of one of the attendees, Sanford chortled as soon as Wilson uttered the provocative words. He grew positively giddy when Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said in an interview of Wilson's comment that there was "[n]o place for it in that setting or any other."

"Now the media bastards and those traitorous state legislators can focus their ire on someone else," Sanford apparently said. "I feel sorry for him, though. He's being unfairly maligned just like me."

Sanford has been living alone in the governor's mansion since his wife, Jenny Sanford, moved with her four sons to their home in Charleston. Although he invited his dwindling staff to watch the speech with him, all declined. "Those poor interns didn't know how to say no," said a staff member who continues to work for Sanford because of the ailing economy but who is actively seeking employment elsewhere.

Sanford's friends have also deserted him, with former political allies treating him like radioactive waste and personal friends shunning him and supporting his wife. "I think the guy just wants someone to share a pizza with," said the aide, when told of the care package. "He's hoping Joe can be that guy."

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