Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ruth Madoff Ponders Hair Dye Endorsement

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Ruth Madoff, wife of disgraced financeer Bernard Madoff, is in talks with Clairol about an endorsement for a new line of hair dye.

"She has the most famous streaks of gray right now," said a person involved in the discussion.

Madoff was banned from the exclusive Pierre Michel Salon recently. She used to get blonde highlights every six weeks but the owner banned her out of respect for the other customers, many of whom lost millions in her husband's Ponzi scheme.

Her resulting streaks of gray have been covered extensively by the New York Times, New York Post and other publications. One reporter at the Post has been assigned full time to follow her around and to pay particular attention to her graying roots.

Even if Pierre Michel were to change its mind, Madoff could no longer afford the pricey highlights. The deal that she struck with prosecutors leaves her with just $2.5 million and does not preclude future criminal or civil charges.

The endorsement deal is "by no means final" cautioned the source, and is conditioned upon Madoff improving her public image at least slightly. The one-year deal would be worth approximately $250,000.

The source said that Madoff would be required to use the product though they would send a professional to her apartment to assist.

"Think about the message it would send millions of women who can't afford $200 highlights every six weeks," said the source. "For just $8.99 you too can look like as good as a fraudulent billionaire's wife after just an hour in the privacy of your own bathroom."

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